About iPhone Shopping

Take some notes iPhone about shopping:

  • Some iPhones are adjusted to local networks. Take special consideration if you plan to buy an iPhone for example in Japan, or for Japan. Most iPhones will work in most networks.
  • The Apple web-stores mostly include local sales taxes (GST, VAT, MwSt.). In some countries (for example USA, Japan) the sales tax is added to the online price. In many countries (all EU countries i.e.) that price is already included in the buying price. In many countries out of country tourists can get a tax refund when they leave the country. That will require some paperwork when you buy them. Depending on the country you will then get some of the tax back.
  • When you buy an iPhone in another country you only get a local Apple warranty, you do not get an international warranty. If your iPhone has a defect you might get charged to get it repaired.
  • Depending on your countries customs law you might have to pay import duties when you bring back items you purchased out of country. I suggest strongly you study your countries import regulations, and what what value you can bring in as a tourist. Failure to declare products can lead to penalties or even confiscation. To smuggle a phone is in most countries tax evasion, which is in most countries a criminal offence that leads to a criminal record.
  • iPhones are usually not discounted. If you see an iPhone much below market price it is most likely a scam. Avoid buying iPhones on Facebook, Craigslist or any China websites. The scam chance is very high.

You see any error, anything wrong, anything that needs correction or should be added, send me a message!