Why the start page shows only iPhone 7 prices?

A reader asked me why my page starts with iPhone 7 and why I don’t update it to iPhone 8.

Here is the easy answer, not all countries have the iPhone 8 yet and Brazil, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Turkey have no iPhone 8 prices yet.

Some of those countries will start selling on October 20th 2017 – stay tuned!

iPhone X and iPhone 8 are out!

Apple just released the prices for iPhone X and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. You can’t buy them yet, but we have the prices.

Please let us know if you see an error.

Note: There are no prices announced yet for: Brazil, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Turkey. We will add them as soon as they appear on the Apple website.

Stay tuned!

Go Tax Free!

I added some information about sales tax, or VAT, GST, MwSt. or whatever it’s called in other countries. Move the mouse over the local price to see how much tax is included, or not include for Japan and USA. They add it to the listed price after sales. However, Japan has a generous rule were you don’t pay sales tax if you have a foreign passport with a tourist visa in it.