Some more minor edits

We did edit a few errors, USA had the iPhone 8 Plus missing, it’s now there. We also found the iPhone XR price for the USA. The country links are now linked directly to the phones memory options.

If you see any error, please let us know!

All updates are done!

We updated all new iPhones. This list isn’t complete yet.

There are no prices announced for the new models for this countries: Brazil, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Turkey. We add them as soon as we see them!

For the USA we have no prices for the iPhone Xr, it looks like it’s only sold through carriers and you can’t buy it SIM free from Apple yet.

Please leave a note if you see any error, or if you just feel like leaving a comment.

Why the start page shows only iPhone 7 prices?

A reader asked me why my page starts with iPhone 7 and why I don’t update it to iPhone 8.

Here is the easy answer, not all countries have the iPhone 8 yet and Brazil, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Turkey have no iPhone 8 prices yet.

Some of those countries will start selling on October 20th 2017 – stay tuned!