New iPhone SE memory options!

Just added the new iPhone SE option!

The old iPhone SE was available with 16Gb and 64Gb memory – the new version has now 32Gb and 128Gb memory!

Prices are the same, so you get the 32Gb version for the 16Gb price and the 128Gb version for the 64Gb price!

Well done Apple!

Go Tax Free!

I added some information about sales tax, or VAT, GST, MwSt. or whatever it’s called in other countries. Move the mouse over the local price to see how much tax is included, or not include for Japan and USA. They add it to the listed price after sales. However, Japan has a generous rule were you don’t pay sales tax if you have a foreign passport with a tourist visa in it.

Site update

There was an error and the prices for Hungary, Poland and Sweden were missing. It’s updated now. My deep apologies to the people of Hungary, Poland & Sweden